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Confessions of a Closet Yahoo! Answers User, issue 2

So I’ve been at it again.  I fell off the wagon.  Rather than feel guilty over it, I’m going to share my experiences here.  Hopefully this will be good therapy, as I clearly need help.

I started out in areas of helping people with guitar questions.  It seemed sterile enough.  But that turned out to be the problem . . . I needed controversy.  My brain needed twisting; my emotions needed riling.  So I stumbled into the cesspool known as the “Religion & Spirituality” category.  It really found me, honestly.

So I responded to many questions that caught my eye.  I’d answer one, then see the four suggested “Open Questions in ‘Religion & Spirituality,'” find a new one, answer that, then rinse and repeat.  All said and done I answered probably 15 questions.  I’m so ashamed . . . but let’s get to what we have.

Let’s start by giving you an idea for the two polar opposites that are at war in the “Religion & Spirituality” category of this site.

First, my *cough* brothers and sisters in Christ . . .

Yes or No…… Do you believe in this lie of the Devil ——>?

The absurdity of India forming the Himalayas is of particular interest…….
Should not India be surrounded by 250 Million year old Oceanic-Crust?
If you say it has been Sub-ducted then how did
India get enough traction to form Mount Everest?

To which I responded, “Can I answer your question with a question?  How will this poking and prodding and instigating arguments change people’s hearts about Jesus?”

I didn’t get best answer, but I did get five votes from those who are not myself FOR best answer.

And in the other corner, the “free thinkers” of the world, the Angry Atheists . . .

When will Christians understand that when you finally accept the truth that gods are just silly . . . ?

To which I responded, “And come to accept everything you believe, since there is absolutely no way that you have been lied to or deceived?  I wonder when, indeed.”

That question was actually deleted because it violates some Yahoo! Answers rule, which I find amusing.  Not that it got deleted, but that Yahoo! Answers has rules.  I answered that one late in my binge and my patience was wearing thin, as if any time spent there will reap any positive rewards.  It’s just people on one side prodding at people at the other side, and no one actually wants answers, they just want to be right.  And there I am, playing along with all of it.

They range from the playful in spirit . . .

Christians, would the arrival of aliens to earth change any of your religious tenets?

Would it affect you more if they were atheists or had their own deities?

The one chosen as best answer is actually pretty darn good:  “Hum, fun question.  No, theoretically it changes nothing for me, or the Bible story.  Good news, anthropic principles are so strong that such an idea is basically scientifically dead and the distances God has put between the Galaxy’s are so huge that how could we ever get there anyway?”

. . . to those with inter-religious bones to pick . . .

If Jehovah’s Witness faith is wrong then explain how your church has been in wars and theirs haven’t?

I’ll let you mull that one over on your own.

. . . and then you have the mind-bogglingly, poorly thought out questions from both those who hold a political point of view that clashes with Christianity, and those who claim atheism.

Exhibit A:

A question for pro-life Christians?

Just out of curiosity, do you attach the same importance to opposing the death penalty and war that you attach to opposing abortion?  If not, why not? Are lives less valuable once they’re out of the womb?

To which I lost it and answered: “Okay, I’m tired of this argument, because it’s clear as day that you, and those who hold it, haven’t thought it through. YOU want to throw in our faces the reality of war and the consequences of heinous crimes against humanity as a justification for ending a 100% innocent life out of convenience. So is YOUR ideal world one without war, without the death penalty, and no one questioning whether it’s right or wrong to kill a baby?”

and Exhibit B:

If “god” made me, why did he make me an atheist?

Which got deleted, too.  Gotta love them rules.  Another one of the same kind:

Why do theists want so badly for hell to be real?

Again, take a second to think through the logic of that, especially if you’re a Christian who believes in the reality of Hell.  Then know that the “best answer,” as chosen by the asker, was, “Revenge, for picking on them,” and the asker followed up with, “Sad to say I believe you’re right.”


All of this really brings me even further to the conclusion that nothing of value can come from not only this site, but any format like it.  There has been plenty of discussion, and even research, on how poor of a resource this site is for actual answers, and it’s clear that its worst when the questions are the most important of all.  I have to fight the temptation to spread the word about this, which will only ultimately keep me here . . . . . . I sure hope he ignores those thumbs down under my answer, seeks out a real person, and makes it.

No . . . wait . . . that one got deleted, too.  What rule did that break?