My name is Braden.  If you want to know things about me, you can read my posts; I’m sure a few things have seeped in here and there.


My categories are as follows:

Careful!  I’ve been thinking.The results of my mind working on a topic.

A Visit from Dr. Braden – Pulling out the ol’ education in psychology to anamananalyze something.
Braden-tented Glasses – Offering my unique perspective
I’ll have an extra helping of pointless, thank you. – Because “why not,” that’s why.
Rants – Let me share with you my strong opinion
Responses – Let me discuss something I read
Someone Else’s WordPress – I’ve been inspired by something someone else wrote on this site.
Tangents – My reaction to this is not the obvious one

I hope you know what you’re doing. – Miscellaneous.

I’m a Christian – And I’m writing about it.

Media and Entertainment – Truly endless possible topics.

Books – I’ve read a few of them.
InternetAre you mildly disturbed by self-referencing mediums?
MusicRecorded and otherwise.
NewsI keep up with current events a little.
TV/Movies – But mostly movies.
Useless TriviaYou don’t need to know, but you want to.
Video GamesMan I love them.

Memories – I’ve been told I’ve led an interesting life.


New posts are always up every Tuesday, with the occasional second post through the week if I see something I’ve just GOTTA write about and publish right away.


The Pacific Northwest, if you must know.  If you’d just read the blog you’d figure that out.


I’m rarely short of something to talk about, but it’s always so frustrating when my friends don’t want to discuss a serious issue with me, or don’t have the background I have in something to give them the common ground we would need to talk about something.  So I write it all here.  (Plus writing helps me organize my thoughts better and, often, allows me to put a particular topic to rest once and for all.  It’s good therapy.)


With a keyboard.  And usually a mouse.

So thanks for reading, keep checking back, and leave me a comment or two–it gets lonely in here.

love mail?  like mail?  hate mail?  bradenbost@gmail.com


One response to “About

  1. I just read your artical “7 Myths about Chicago” and really enjoyed it, especially the part where you wanted to punch Jason Scheff’s face and if the current Chicago band is worth it to continue at all. The answer for me is ABSOLUTELY NOT! That Jason’s voice just gives me migrains!!!!! Peter Cetera is still slamming at 71 years old. He still sounds the same and looks fantastic for his age! It sounds strange coming from someone half his age. LOL……He’s classy, talented, and his music is timeless. Peter Cetera made Chicago in my book! Thanks for the post! : )

    Bella B.

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