The Most Ridiculous Comment Section Thread I’ve Ever Been a Part Of

It was a few months ago that I was at KOMO’s website and stumbled over an article called “First Date Tips:  Talk About George W. Bush.”  Now obviously I don’t care about or need dating tips anymore, but the “Talk About George W. Bush” thing seemed at least mildly amusing enough to get me to mindlessly click on it.  Naturally, the article wasn’t that interesting (probably mostly because, as I said, I don’t care about or need dating tips), but at the end of this list of “Do’s” and “Do not’s,” I caught a comment by a user named “Ron Burgandy” (sic) that amused me.

Now like most red-blooded, white, American males who were in their 20’s in 2005, I love the movie Anchorman.  And while it sometimes gets overly quoted, THIS was a good place for it.  It worked, and I laughed.

I’ve heard that quote used before, too.  And when it does, I like to follow up with the next line in the movie.

If you’re as nit-picky as I am, you may notice that I slightly misquoted it.  Ron doesn’t say “any” in the movie, just “That doesn’t make sense.”  As minor as that seems, it is worth noting as we move forward with the story.

Within a few minutes to a few hours, I got an email notification that “Ron Burgandy” replied.  “Fun!” I thought, as I was sure he was going to continue the back-and-forth I’d just stared.


Of course they’re lines from the movie, “Ron.”  I know that; it’s why I said what I said.  My eye-rolling at this was strong enough to overcome a significant portion of my growing comment-section-restraint-maturity that I responded–

Then I went and found that scene in Anchorman on YouTube and added a second comment with nothing but the link.

And that should be it, right?  Done deal.  Guy quotes movie, second guy quotes next line in movie, guy doesn’t get it, second guy provides information for guy to see that he also quoted the movie.  The only logical next action on his part is one of two things.  He could feel silly and keep quiet, never acknowledging that I responded, because he saw what I had said but doesn’t want to admit he goofed; OR he comments with something to the effect of, “Oh, that’s right–my bad.”

But that’s not at all what “Ron Burgandy” did.

Wow.  Let’s evaluate what’s happened here.  It seems that “Ron” took my comment, and the subsequent video link, to mean that I was berating him because he didn’t quote Anchorman 100% verbatim and therefore he got it all wrong and should feel foolish.  Would anyone disagree with my assessment of his perspective?  And to think I was a little embarrassed by slightly misquoting it myself.

A few days later I got around to actually responding, and all I did was briefly point out what I thought would be known in the first place by a guy naming himself after a character in a movie he’s quoting.  I don’t have much else to add.  I just find myself needing an audience when ridiculousness of this magnitude comes my way.


2 responses to “The Most Ridiculous Comment Section Thread I’ve Ever Been a Part Of

  1. I hate it when this kind of thing happens. I don’t know why people are touchy on the internet, or jump to extreme, over the top, and often stupid responses like “you should see a doctor and…”, but it is really annoying and often ruins discussions.

    Anyway, I just found your blog and really like what I have read so far (finally, someone with a grasp of the English language!), and the topics you write about are very interesting.

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