Let’s Try This Some More.

Well . . . that was a fun hiatus.  I’m excited about the prospect of starting my blog again because in my “time off” I’ve actually gained a few things to talk about endlessly.  Fun, right?  I know I’m excited.

Let’s use today’s post to reestablish myself.

My name is Braden.
This is my blog.
I write about stuff that I want to write about.
Since I don’t maintain a theme, I do my best to maintain a schedule.
My first schedule was five days a week.  No way.
My second schedule was Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  That’s a bit too much.
My third schedule was three posts every two weeks, including every Tuesday and every other Thursday.

This time, we’re going for the once-a-week thing, without exception.  I’m likely to get months ahead of schedule and will miss out on discussing come current events, but that’s okay.  My on-the-ball, current-event, social commentaries were never that popular anyway.

In my time away, which has been since December 2010, I believe, I have focused on and been through a great many things, and those great many things were not video games and online movie reviews.  (I know, right!?)

I’ve read a ton of books, studied a bunch of music theory, played hours upon hours of guitar, had some significant personal events, both serious and not-so-, that I’m anxious to expand upon, and I just know that once we get going again that I’ll begin overflowing with new ideas with which to waste my time.

So . . . that’s it this week.  But check back every Tuesday; I’ll have a new post waiting.


4 responses to “Let’s Try This Some More.

  1. Hey! Thanks for diggin’ my blog, “Some Things Can’t Be Ignored”!

    • For sure. I was a huge participant in, and minor contributor to, the 90’s-early 2000’s Springfield scene. I love that someone’s documenting it. Don’t skip my favorite local group, Early August.

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