Not-so-tasty Commercials

Have you ever seen a commercial that is in such bad taste that your mind can’t take it and you want to scream at the television?

Like this one?

I think the bad acting and low quality actually enhances the poor taste.  While searching for that one commercial, I had to sift through other divorce attorney commercials, and I have to say that most of them were at least attempting to be tasteful and sensitive with a very touchy issue.  But what are we supposed to do with this one?  Laugh?  I’m supposed to find  humor in two angry and stubborn people fighting over a divorce lawyer?  And what about that lady’s smirk on the TV?  GREAT!  You ruined his new year!  And now your children can live with the fact that their parents hate each other and tried to take each other for all they’re worth rather than work through issues and forgive–a lesson they can take with them through the rest of their lives.

How about this one a friend of mine shared on Facebook recently?

Ha!  So funny!  Stupid kids, all being there and whatnot!  If only that guy had the foresight to know that his wild night of passion would result in this snotty, obnoxious, screaming pile of irritating crotchfruit, he would have used that rubber and prevented this life from even attempting to exist!  Use condoms, kids!

There’s also another kind . . . did you hear about that controversy over the European commercial intended to be a PSA against texting and driving?  It’s here, though be warned–it’s not pretty.  So some people got a litte up-in-arms over its graphic nature, but I have to say that it’s more than warranted.  If that’s what it takes to get teenage drivers to think twice about texting and driving, so be it.  But justification for that kind of message doesn’t justify this Canadian PSA–

Honestly, what’s the harm in sending out a message to be more careful and thoughtful around the workplace without giving me nightmares for the next week? (That’s assuming I can sleep.)  The message does not warrant the graphic detail we get.  In all seriousness, in writing this post I have not clicked “play” on that video.  I saw it like 2-3 years ago and was so disturbed that I vowed to never watch it again.  I’ve stuck to it.

Lastly, there’s the kind of commercials that are so tasteless, so awful, so horrible, that I will change the channel when they come on.

You should see the one about the 47 scoops of ice cream.  Comedic genius let me tell you.

So anyway . . . I don’t really have a final point.  I just wanted to complain.


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