The Grown-Up Re-Schedule

I have mulled this over for several weeks, thought I made it past the necessity to do so, and have now returned to the inevitable fact that three posts a week is too much for a guy like me to maintain.  I’m happy that I’ve kept it going for as long as I have, but the fact at this point is that it takes up a lot of time; not just for writing, but for coming up with the ideas and researching them appropriately and re-writing the blogs before they publish and finding the photos and moving forward with the bigger ideas rather than the simple ones, and so on.  Plus all of my posts are so long.  Have you seen those things?  Good grief!  I have to be an adult, now, and divert much of the energy it takes to do this blog to things like my job and home life.  If I could find a way to write full time and make money doing it, I would, because this is seriously fun, but as of right now, it KEEPS me from making money.

So starting next week, I’ll be publishing one post every Tuesday. There may be the occasional second weekly post as they are appropriate, but every Tuesday is to what I’m committing.  If you actually read this regularly, and I know there are a couple of you, thanks.  I hope to keep writing for a long time.


2 responses to “The Grown-Up Re-Schedule

  1. I like the ability to just put draft posts in the queue as ideas come along. Be sure to do that anytime you have thoughts about what you might want to write, even just a draft title. It really helps keep the content going. I do l ike your blog and hope you will keep writing whenever you can. Good luck!

    • Thanks! I tried to just blog when an idea came to me, and I continually ran into one of two problems. 1) Rushing the post to get it published as quickly as possible and ending up with poorly thought-out expositions; and 2) Not actually writing anything for a really, really long time. I’ve skipped six months to a year more than once. A set schedule has kept me working rather than slouching, and gave me more time to think out an idea; like when I have the next week already written, scheduled and ready to go, I have that whole week to finish the next post. The once-a-week idea still keeps me on task, but gives me even MORE time to write and research as needed (I’m set for the next six weeks already), as well as free up time for my other passions, such as playing music and having a job. I’ll publish odd ones here and there, most likely to be ones of a current topical nature. Or short, pointless ones. We’ll see.

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