Twenty Awesome Things About Homestar Runner (that aren’t Trogdor), 11-20

So here we are with part two.  Ten more awesome things from Homestar Runner await you.  No sense in me blabbing first, so let’s get to it!

April Fool’s Day 2003

The Brothers Chaps never disappoint with an April Fool’s gag nearly every year, and there have been some good ones.  My personal favorite was WAAAAAAY back in 2003 when the King of Town took over the page.  Many of the gags on April 1st are just a one-off cartoon that’s designed to trick you in some way, but this time it was almost a full new site.  Well . . . with one (lame) cartoon and one frustrating game and a single download that I don’t even remember what it was.  Maybe this is one of those cases where I remember it better than it was, but I loved how they’d go to such lengths for a joke.

Braden’s useless trivia: the King’s line when he’s being lowered into boiling butter is from those Strange Brew guys.

Homsar’s Kids’ Show

As I’ve said before, Homsar is probably my favorite character from the site.  I love that he was created out of a spelling error, I love how little sense he makes, and I love that he’s hiding in so many secret places (here’s a few: hit “Eject” on the VCR on the Characters page, click on the “R” in “Dagron” that Strong Mad is carving into the table in the Strong Bad Email “Dragon,” put the pumpkin in the Poopsmith’s mouth in “The House that Gave Sucky Treats,” click on the tag of the stuffed lobster in the Strong Bad Email “Suntan,” and now keep searching and find him in dozens of other places!).  His “kids’ show” had me in stitches the first time I saw it because of how it’s ALMOST a representation of actual shows for 2-4 year olds.

Braden adds:  to “stave” means to smash a hole in, or to thrust away; I guess trying to make sense of that song line would be as pointless as trying to make sense of anything else in that cartoon.

Giving chocolate desserts dangerous names

This is something which I think did always bug me a little but I could never put my finger on.  Sure, ONE chocolate dessert with a dangerous name is clever, but EVERY chocolate dessert being given a dangerous name is stupid and annoying.  And I’m glad to know that Strong Bad feels the same way.

Braden’s other favorite part:  the painting in the closet.  Absolutely the painting in the closet.  It’s funny because so many childhoods, including mine, came complete with horrifying paintings, pictures, statuettes, etc. located in dark places.  Or, in my case, giant plush gorillas on top of book shelves in Grandma’s basement.

The Baloneyman

Bubs is not exactly a one-note character, but he’s close, and that’s just great.  His shady business practices and ridiculous business ventures are comedic gold, but what makes them work the most is the other characters rarely call him out on it.  Then there’s the trait that he shares with Coach Z, in that there’s always something more about them than we’re seeing, but we get only hints.  So everyone gets excited with the arrival of The Baloneym’n and his “variety” of sandwiches, and I’m included–regardless of the strong possibility that he “has a really sketchy past.”

Braden also says: “Ooh!  I could really put THAT thing through its paces!”


This is Bubs’s alter-ego.  Or is it? Like so many other things from Homestar Runner, he’s funny because he makes no sense.  At all.  He walks in to some disembodied voices singing, “Here comes the Thnikkaman,” Strong Bad asks him for “some,” and then he says, “Yeah, shut up, kid,” and walks away.  Huh?  I don’t care.  Its irreverence warms me.

Braden says: Also this one. Sports teams?

The Cheat Commandos

The Cheat Commandos are such a perfect parody of G.I. Joe and their ilk.  I love how Blue Lazer is completely incompitent and such a non-threat, too–cooking burgers in their nanna’s back yard and threatening to “blow up the ocean.”  I think my favorite Commando, though, is Crackotage who speaks only in rhymes.  Unless we’re talking about names . . . then I’d go with Silent Rip.  That’s one of the rare instances of potty humor used in Homestar Runner, which I find admirable.

Braden asks: I’m right there with you on a G.I. Joe parody . . . but why base them off of The Cheat?  Perhaps that’s best left unanswered.


Many people find Marshie, the mascot for the in-universe marshmallow brand Fluffy Puff Marshmallows, to be creepy and unsettling.  I find him hilarious because he’s creepy and unsettling.  And as his appearances went on, he got more and more off-putting and even hostile, and that’s awesome.  “I’m an ABOMINATION!!”

Braden remembers: Terrifying his old Steak ‘n Shake co-workers by saying, “Secret eating.”

The Sog Dog

This is another obscure reference to a one-time-only joke used in a Strong Bad Email that was themed around something else entirely.  But it made me laugh for days.

Braden also says:  “Again with the awwwwww . . .”

The prediction of the replacement of The Paper

As if it hadn’t already by Strong Bad Email 172, Strong Bad Email 173 completely sold me on how completely awesome The Brothers Chaps are.  In Email 117, “Montage,” the ending of the email mentioned that Strong Bad “upgraded” to an inkjet printer.  I wondered at the time if they would actually go through with it, and it’s comforting to see that they care enough about their website to remember what they said would happen and did happen.  When writers don’t do that, it really bugs me.

Braden repeats: “Why do all my 30-year-old electronics keep breaking on me?”

Lil Brudder

And for #20 . . . it would be very difficult to pick a single Strong Bad Email or other cartoon that would be my favorite . . . but “Crying” would be a top contender.  There’s really no pop culture references, parodies, or even in-references to be found, it’s just a singular, original, hilarious concept.  And it cracks me up every time.

Braden concludes with: “Ohh, Tendafoot! Can you tell me what to do with myself? I feel like I’m at a crossroads, and there’s like, a Denny’s on one corner, and an IHOP on the other!”

Special thanks to for the plethora of images and easy reference.


One response to “Twenty Awesome Things About Homestar Runner (that aren’t Trogdor), 11-20

  1. Found your blog doing a search on Google Reader for “Homestar;” saw you’re also a thoughtful Christian, begrudging Yahoo Answers contributor, and Star Wars fan; decided to subscribe. I like what I see so far.
    BTW, the one download for April Fool’s 2003 was originally a small King of Town logo you could tile as your desktop wallpaper ( Oh, and is awesome.
    P.S. there’s a new Decemberween cartoon!

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