“. . . these are a few of my favorite GIFs . . .”

The last two posts have been pretty heavy, so let’s lighten things up.

I love a good GIF.  The amount of humor that can be portrayed in only a couple seconds of looping, crudely edited film clips is astounding.  Let’s look at some of my favorites (that are, as you’ll see, mostly from the awesome site “Señor Gif” because (1) there’s very slim chance of running into one I’d rather not see, if you get my meaning, and (2) they’re all quality).  Are you ready for this journey? . . .

[click on the image if it’s not animating]

I've always really liked the ones that defy explanation.


What can I say that this doesn't?

This is my wife's favorite, and with good reason; it's endless happy.

Proof that mustaches are manly.

Tell me that's not amazing.

Some say "gross;" I say "awesome."

I have a theory that sometimes, the less you understand something, the funnier it is.

Is this the banana guy again? If so he's double cool.

Speaking of bananas, still . . . Also, I love how Cid is supposed to be an old man, but he looks 27.

The first time I saw this I probably laughed at it for ten minutes.

. . . and the first time I saw this I laughed for like an hour and probably freaked out my officemate. By far, this one's my favorite.


3 responses to ““. . . these are a few of my favorite GIFs . . .”

  1. I came for the otter, stayed for the Poppins.

  2. I see your Gary Busey infestation, and raise you an eternal Gary Busey:


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