Took the words right out of my mouth.

I had to share this.  I was fishing through Netflix last week, cleaning my queue of stuff I can’t imagine what I was thinking when I added them (“The Fisher King”? Seriously?), and also looked around at some suggested stuff.  I’m a sucker for documentaries, even if they do piss me off sometimes, so I always check those.  One that was recommended (or maybe popular for Seattle; I can’t remember) was Friends of God: A Roadtrip with Alexandra Pelosi.  In a nutshell, the movie is supposed to take a look at Evangelical Christians.  Now, when the term “Evangelical Christians” is used, it is usually meant as the hyper-conservative, politically driven, “all-American” Christians, such as the late Jerry Falwell and the disgusting Joel Olsteen.  Before anything else, I do want to say that I’m irritated by that use of “Evangelical Christian” because I know dedicated, serious, and level-headed believers that would describe themselves as Evangelical.  Here’s some education: “Evangelical” is a theological approach to the Gospel, not necessarily a sweaty guy in a suit complaining about the idea of gay marriage.

So you’ve probably guessed I’m not going to watch this movie; I know where it’s going and can offer no insight to me.  The filmmakers aren’t setting out to understand Christianity, they’re setting out to understand (and possibly ridicule) conservatives and Republicans, labels which they likely see as synonymous with “Christian.”  But I was still mildly curious so I took a skim over some of the first reviews that showed up, and found this 1-star review that works so well as not only a review but as a summary of my feelings on this topic that I had to show it to my (seven) readers.

I am a Christian. I found this documentary sad and frustrating. Whenever there is a documentary or talk show etc they find people who are hopped up on fake cultural Christianity. They never interview real Christians like Mellissa Scott or Richard Foster etc. These cultural “Christians” like from the documentary, spend so much time talking about what they are against and never say what they are for. You do not believe in Evolution OK great, but that is your soul purpose in gathering these kids together is to tell them when you think Dinosaurs were really around? That is the most important thing to focus on? Really? That is so sad. They are not taking that prime time when they had all those kids there to tell them they were loved and wanted. No, they want to be hateful about what they are against. When I see things like this it makes me want to apologize for their behavior and tell people that it is not Jesus in any way shape or form. They make a mockery out of Jesus with their American flags and preaching politics from the pulpit. It makes me wonder if they ever read the New Testament. It is Christians giving Christ a bad name and that is beyond a tragedy. There is so much good that could be done about the shape the world is in if they could just focus their time and energy on that. There also, was never a golden time in America. Our forefathers stole the land from the Native Americans and then killed most of them. Slavery and segregation is also our history along with the lack of women’s rights. Those are not Christian values. Love, forgiveness, and helping those who can not help themselves are the values of Christianity not hate.

Took the words right out of my mouth.  Thank you Netlfix User jxq 94959.


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