. . . but does it TASTE good?

I don’t think I would have done well in an advertising job, but not because I would be incapable of it.  Instead I know I couldn’t stand to have the way I made my living be to pressure other people to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do.  However, I do think that I could do it a LOT better than many of the people doing this job now.

There’s a lot of things wrong with modern advertising, not the least of which is the acceptance of the practice of “annoy the crap out of the viewer so they remember our name.”  But that is not my focus today.  No, today I think we need to take a look at an advertising angle that seriously needs to be put to rest, yet it’s so common that we may not really notice it anymore.

I don’t mean lame jokes.  Though that would be nice, too.  I mean this whole, “Our food is both healthy AND tasty!” crap.  How many DECADES has this scenario been thrown at us?–

Clueless Person (probably a husband and/or dad):  “I know I need to eat healthy, but I’m the kind of person who needs food to be yummy!”

Disembodied Nutrient Pusher:  “Well now you can have OUR food!  It tastes good!”

Clueless Person: “. . . it DOES taste good!  Are you SURE it’s healthy?  I have never, in all my life, heard of healthy food tasting like anything but dirt, shoelaces, and cardboard!”

Disembodied Nutrient Pusher: “It really is good for you!  Here’s a list of all the good things in it, and all the bad things not in it!”

Clueless Person: “WOW!  Up is down, black is white, Lady Gaga is wearing jeans and a t-shirt!  My whole world is in disaray!  Who could ever have thought this possible?!

Disembodied Nutrient Pusher: “Now you can eat right and enjoy what you eat!”

Cluless Person: “Oh, thank the Lord in Heaven!  FINALLY!” *cries tears of joy*

Honestly–is anyone really shocked by the prospect of this anymore?  Let’s ignore, for the moment, that many “healthy” foods are not as healthy as they claim, and that “tastes good” is entirely subjective (to the point that, if you want to eat right, you’ll need to redifine what tasting good means to you), and instead marvel at how the brains behind these ads haven’t had an original thought since the 1950’s.  “But what else can they say, Braden?”  Don’t ask me!  They’re the ones with the careers.  This is not a blog of solutions.


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