But Can Any of Them Play Basketball?

This is for real, I guess.

I could write a 10-page rant on this, but I’m going to keep it short.

Seriously?  Does no one have a problem with this?  Let’s not be so foolish as to think that if these kids are not a disciplinary problem at school, then it’s all well and good.  Plus, in connection to that, allow me to express my COMPLETE disagreement with the mom at the end.  What is lacking in your direction of your son that he is making up his own philosophies to justify wearing a tail to school?  What have you not done that this guy, as someone just years away from full-blown adulthood, thinks it’s his identity to howl while hanging out at the mall?

“We’re not trying to be intimidating, we’re not trying to be menacing or anything.  We’re just trying to live our daily lives and just hang out, you know?”

Dr. Braden says–“These teenagers have suffered a number of social difficulties, not only with their peers, but likely from a somehow unsatisfying relationship with their parents.  They have chosen imagery for their fashion that suggests power and fearsomeness in an attempt to demonstrate that they have anger and fury within them, but are too insecure to express those things in an otherwise socially acceptable fashion.  Their passivity when it comes to their appearance vs. how they want to be treated is likewise due to insecurities and a lack of courage to stand up for themselves.  The extremity of the fashion choices are likely due to a combination of modern societal factors, such as praising individual ‘expression’ and encouraging young people to ‘find themselves.'”

Eventually we are going to have to stop re-writing the definitions of “acceptable” and “normal” just because someone wants to stand outside of them, and recognize that there’s something bigger going on.  And for the record, the excuse, “at least they’re not hurting anybody” is not only overused but completely misguided.

Props to Goninan for the idea for the title.


4 responses to “But Can Any of Them Play Basketball?

  1. “Gangs are posers. They just want attention and stuff,” says the teen werewolf being interviewed for the local news.

  2. Also… the amount of distance between the mother and child at the end of the clip is something straight out of film-making 101 to express relational distance. That’s sorta funny.

    Also… we all have something else in us? We just need to find it? Really!?

    Well, I guess I DID have a bagel for lunch.

  3. One last thought.

    Not hurting anybody? I know a dog skull that would beg to differ.

  4. Yes x3, Drew.

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