Just awful.

So since I’ve 1) recently started a temp job with the illustrious Amazon.com and 2) have decided to focus my spare time on getting better at guitar.  Thus I don’t  write as often as I’d like.

However, since a friend pointed out to me that they’ve been checking and seeing no updates, I decided to at least put something quick until I can gather more memories for my thankfully-now-over days at America One Finance.  So, without further ado:

I hate hate hate Smash Mouth.  I especially hate “All Star,” the one song of theirs that will just NOT go away.  Actually, they have several that won’t go away, but that’s the most prominent one.  When did that song come out?  1999?  1998?  If I had been 9 years old and heard a TV ad proudly blasting “Stayin’ Alive,” I would have laughed my tail off at the sheer amount of mockery getting ready to come their way.  You know what I think the problem is?  I think the problem is 50+-year-0ld ad execs who are so out of touch they’re saying, “This is what the kids are into these days!”  It’s horrible!

In case you were wondering:  one of the biggest issues with Smash Mouth is that they were around for YEARS before they hit it big.  By that time they were all married and had kids, so their approach to their music is “sell what we can to stuff our pockets for retirement!”  Hence Disney pretty much owning them.

eh.  I’m done.


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