Unfinished Drafts summary

I have ten unfinished drafts saved to my blog account that I haven’t touched in at least three weeks, most of them 7 or 8 months or more.  I’m never going to finish all of them, so I’ve decided to summarize the primary thoughts from the ones that are dead-ends in a few quick one-shots and delete them forever.  Finally.

  1. Lots of people hold opinions and views on things because they saw someone on TV say it.  I’m guilty of it, too, but at least I can recognize it.  What inspired this observation is from when I watched I Love the 90’s on VH1 years ago, and they brought up the great Mississippi River Flood of ’93, and they made fun of people for living close to a river.  Man, that made me mad.
  2. The mortgage industry is designed to greatly reward moronic narcissists for minimal effort, which encourages their overall lack of education, cognitive abilities, and interpersonal skills.  It is designed this way for the same reason Rent-A-Center exists, just on a much larger scale – intelligent, well-to-do white men with a serious lack of morality have figured out ways to take lots of money from stupid people.
  3. I really want to start writing that fantasy story again.
  4. There are many things from my childhood and adolescence that have aged well, and many that have not.  Among those that have: Quantum Leap, 8-bit Nintendo, and Lik-m-Aid.
  5. Now that I’m no longer employed in the mortgage industry, I want to share some important tips with everyone: 1) NEVER let a loan officer make a YSP off of you (and if you’re not sure if there is one on your loan, ask him, ask escrow, ask the lender, and if you find it, demand it be removed or threaten to walk); 2) ALWAYS assume your loan officer’s first goal is to make money; 3) ACTUALLY, don’t even deal with a broker at all, just go to a bank or a credit union.  Brokers squandered their chance and they deserve to be broke.
  6. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why so many people are so hostile towards the American Super Mario Bros. 2.  It may not have been the REAL Mario 2, but have you even PLAYED The Lost Levels?  It’s not that fun, it’s so hard that it borders on cruelty, and it looks EXACTLY like the the first Mario Bros.  I, for one, am glad we were given a new, colorful adventure to take Mario, et al, through, and I celebrate the few things from that game that have lasted (shy-guys, high-jumping Luigi, Birdo . . .).
  7. I was going to write some more similes, but I can’t think of any and I think I’m the only one who really enjoyed the first ones.

Okay . . . there are three that I left.  What could they be?  Well, my goal is to finish the heck out of them so I don’t have to stress over finishing old, incomplete ideas anymore.


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