My stance.

I’m sitting in my desk chair at work for one of the last times.  I’m anywhere from 2 1/2 days to 1 day away from being done with this place forever.  As I look around me and get furious over and over again at the broken laws and prevailing lies that make up the two companies in this single office, and also grasp the reality that these guys WILL fight my unemployment claim and that there are some tough financial times ahead, it’s easy to feel helpless. 

Honestly, it’s very easily my faith that is getting me through this.  All of the pressure in my chest goes away when I remember that God is real and that his love for me is something that I really can’t fathom.  I don’t want to trail off on to some mutated prosperity gospel, but remembering that he called me to the Northwest, that he brought my wife to me, that he provided the things I have like my car, my apartment, etc., and that he gave me my passions for writing and music and family and everything else (however small they may seem in the big picture), gives me the reassurance that he is behind me in this decision to jump without a net.  Whether I have a job by the end of next week, working smack-dab in the middle of downtown like I want, or whether it takes me six months to find new work (pray it doesn’t, though), Jesus will have me where he wants me.  I’ve learned too many times how not listening doesn’t get me anywhere good (it’s arguable that not listening landed me this job, as a matter of fact), so I’ve jumped off this cliff and I’ll jump off any more he tells me to.  He is my single hope in all of this, and what a wonderful thing that I get to experience this to be reminded that he is my single hope in anything and everything.


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