Another story from the red bow tie.

Whoops. My bad.

I honestly don’t remember exactly when this happened. I do know that it had to be at least a year and a half into my time at Steak n’ Shake, making it at least the summer of 2004. This new girl had started. Some pe0ple seemed to know her, so I think she’d been around before – or maybe she worked in the Marion store for a while, which was 15 miles east of us. Honestly I’m not sure which.

Well she had been around for a couple days when she finally introduced herself to me. I don’t remember her name. I barely remember what she looked like. . . . no, I don’t remember that either. Well, she asked me how long I had been working there, and I decided to do what I call “enjoying myself,” and other people call, “lying.”

“About eight years,” I said.

“Oh, really?” she responded with much excitement. “Did you work with Tom Harrison*?”

“Yeah, I remember Tom*,” I said, continuing with my fun/ruse. “He was a jerk.”

The excitement left her face REALLY quick, and she was suddenly very sad. “What?”

“Yeah, I really didn’t like him.”

She was devastated. Recognizing the pain this was causing her, I decided to come clean, “Okay, I don’t know who that is. I’ve only been hear for a year and a half.”

I guess I was expecting her to do something to the effect of rolling her eyes, or even laugh, and give me a light punch on the shoulder. “You kidder,” she would say. Imagine my surprise when she got even more mad and said, “Well I hope you know you just disrespected a DEAD MAN!” and stormed off.

She didn’t say anything to me for the rest of the night, and if I worked with her one more time after that, it was the last time. She quit and moved on very quickly.

I can only hope that my uninformed joke may have played part in leading her to bigger and better things.

A few days after this event, I went to one of my co-workers who had been there a good 5 years at that point. I told him what happened, and he told me, “Yeah, I remember that guy. He fell down a staircase and died.”

Well. I hope she’s forgotten our encounter, then.

*I don’t actually remember this guy’s name, so we’ll call him Tom Harrison.


2 responses to “Another story from the red bow tie.

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    • I’m approving this obvious spam comment because it’s cracking me up.

      Turkish Federation? In reply to a story about performing an inappropriate practical joke? Classic.

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