Do yourself a favor and stay out of the housing industry.

I just read some of my old blogs. They were clever and well-thought out, and I was writing them while at work, in a panic while hoping to not get caught by my manager. Perhaps I’m praising myself too much, but I can state with complete confidence that had I not written the bumper sticker rant, I would have marked it as a favorite.

Working for a mortgage company for the last three years has done a number on my brain. There’s a million jokes that can be made about this, but really I’m wanting to mention only briefly how the sad state of language comprehension is most apparent in the emails of those in the mortgage business.

People who use smileys as punctuation 🙂

People who, think that a comma, is to emphasize the pauses in their brain.

People who not can’t structure for syntax.

Should I also mention people who don’t seem to forget question marks, but rather don’t appear to know they exist.

I could go on. The end point is that this is all seeping in to how I write. I’ve began getting lax. I’ve noticed myself not caring about correcting capitalization errors. I’ve stopped fixing “adn.” I’ve began letting myself leave prepositions at the ends of sentences again.

Today, I was trying to annoy a co-worker by typing the lyrics of the Alkaline Trio song to her in IM (a song which she had no doubt never heard). The actually lyric is “and all though it’s all my fault, blaming myself had to come to an end.” But that’s not what I typed. And I didn’t notice it until I read it back to myself. I wrote “and all though only it’s my not all fault, blaming . . .”

Lord, I implore you. Rescue me.


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