Is it taboo?

When I was a junior in high school, on one particular day, I was browsing through my history book during class rather than paying attention. (Yes, that actually happened more than just once, but we’re only concerned with this specific instance.) That particular day, I came across a photo of one of the Apollo 11 astronauts standing on the moon. It was on page 888. This photo sparked the thought in me that something wasn’t right. You see, the photo was obviously a fake. You could CLEARLY see that a backdrop was being used on a sound stage, made obvious by the straight, horizontal line across the bottom of the distant lunar “hills” and the abrupt color and texture change on either side of it. It mortified me, and it gave way to the thought that maybe the moon landing wasn’t as genuine as I had been told to believe. (For the record, I never completely surrendered to that conspiracy theory, I just refused to put it away for a long time.) Now, try as I might, I’ve never been able to locate that photo anywhere else. I’ve even looked up specific articles on photographic fakery theories for moon landing photos, and not ONCE since 1997 have I seen that picture.

I have since completely turned away from my “consideration” that the moon landing 40 years ago might have been staged all together, because most (if not all) of the things that conspiracy theorists say proves it didn’t happen, actually in fact prove that it did.

(And while I have the thought – you ever wonder what happens to old history books? Like the one you had in 1991 that was 4 years old and showed Presidents in the back, and it came to “Ronald Regan – 1981-Present.” Sure, most of them are trashed or recycled; but somewhere, someone has a collection of out-dated history books. They would be interesting to read, to see how differently things were interpreted in different times (like, for example, the Manifest Destiny).)

Okay – the point. I was Wikipedia surfing the other day and came across the cheery article of the holocaust. I wasn’t really reading much, just doing like I was that day in high school and browsing over the pictures, and reading a sentence here and there. Well, I came across a section of the article that dealt with the experiments that Nazi “scientists” performed on Jewish people. In this section, there was a photograph from the Dachau concentration camp of a Nazi professor and a Nazi doctor presiding over a man floating in an iced water tank, wearing a breathing apparatus. On the right frame of the photo was another man, taking notes. dachaub

For some reason I enlarged the picture to take a closer look – and I was shocked to see that it appeared extremely fake. It was so obvious! First, the hands of the two Nazi men were clearly not natural and drawn in post-development. Second, there are clear cut-out lines around the two Nazi men and the note-taker (note the curves on the body and hair). Third, the ice appears drawn into the photograph. Fourth, the light appears to be coming from the right of the frame, but the light is shining from the left on the note-taker. Yet the biggest kicker is that the man sitting on the edge of the tub has clearly been cropped in because THERE IS NO SHADOW UNDERNEATH HIM! (And just in case you’re thinking it, these light problems are not due to a flash because there are no shadows on the back wall.)

I searched high and low on the internet and NO ONE has discussed to the slightest degree that this photo is, at best, doctored. If you look up “cold water immersion,” this photo will come up 100 times, but every time it’s simply someone discussing the inhumane experiments done on Jews – not once do they bother saying anything to the degree of, “well, obviously this photo is fake, but there is documentation of these experiments being performed blah blah blah . . .” Has no one noticed? Is the topic of the Holocaust such that anything handed to us about it must never be questioned, so we look the other way? Please be sure that I am in no way suggesting that anything about these experiments or the Holocaust as a whole isn’t true. I’m not even taking my moon-landing-point-of-view and leaving the possibility open. But I think that someone wanted to show, in the flesh, that these two men (named Professor Ernst Holzlohner and Dr. Sigmund Rascher, left and right, respectively) were  performing these experiments, and put something together to provide that. And now, it appears that everyone just accepts that it’s authentic, which I find humorous because I checked Failblog every day for months, and every day someone would try to point out how some photo on that site was faked somehow. Sometimes I would notice one myself and go check the comments to make sure someone else did, too. Maybe this one just isn’t in the internet-surfer’s eyes enough. That may not necessarily be a bad thing, considering the subject material.

I’ve shown this to a few people. One agreed it didn’t look right, one couldn’t care less, and one proposed that the photo had been poorly edited, rather than created from scratch all together. I don’t know. But I do know that this couldn’t be more obviously fake if the guy in the tank was Ronald McDonald. In color. If it’s simply a poorly-edited-but-real photograph, I want to see the the original. I won’t believe otherwise until I do.

Now, before I conclude, if you want to toss out the opposition that, “Oh, those old photographs – they’re hard to tell what’s what,” let me knock that out of your head by suggesting you 1) study basic physics of light, 2) study the structure of the human hand, and 3) go look up some photos from the 1940’s and tell me if THEY look like they came right out of Photoshop.


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