Let’s see if I can write this thought in 14 minutes . . .

I was thinking the other day about something that has crossed my mind before . . .

EVEN IF, somehow, everything the Bible says condemning homosexuality has been misinterpreted, making such a lifestyle not sinful in God’s eyes, there is the issue of pride. Pride, it turns out, is a bigger problem all together.

As a Christian, God is the one in control of one’s life. It is completely contradictory to speak of following Christ, while at the same time speaking of your pride as a homosexual. On a personal level, I’ve had to deal with NOT finding my identity in the fact that I play guitar, that I live in Seattle, being a Midwesterner, or in the movies and music I enjoy. Those are all fairly small items, but even my marriage is not something in which I can hang my identity. Although God would never lead me to getting a divorce, even the existence of my marriage is something that has been given to me by Him and is ultimately His. If homosexuality wasn’t sinful, God could still ask someone to give that up. This becomes the main problem with the Gay Pride movement –  the act of homosexuality and sexual debauchery is a big issue, but bigger than that is PRIDE.

What we think we are based on our own conclusions is up for reinterpretation by God, and to accept Christ is to take his definition of who we are over what we think we are.

That’s pretty deep for the morning, but that happens on the way to work. I hope I didn’t write this blog before . . .

And the clock reads 13 minutes. Good job me.


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