29 random thoughts as I turn 29

Inspired by my wife’s incredibly cute email, 29 things she likes about me, sent on this, my 29th birthday, I decided to take the idea and do my own thing with it. I might later expand some of these into their own blogs.

1. I honestly, truly despise Michael Bay’s work. It insults me to the core. Explosions and special effects are fine, but he’s so unintelligent that he can’t work out a comprehensive story to go along with them. And he makes lots of money doing it.
2. I sometimes wish my wedding ring was tungsten, but when I remember that it perfectly matches my wife’s, I get over it.
3. Candy loses its appeal after one can get some any time, but I still keep eating it.
4. I’m curious if anyone will ever read my blog again after my nearly-year-abscence.
5. My right side of my body is much stronger than the left.
6. I figured out why I didn’t like beer when I lived in Illinois – because everyone drinks crap like Busch and Pabst. In cans. Or worse – aluminum bottles.
7. How about a Mathew Phillips quote? “In order to succeed, you have no choice but to deal with the environment right outside your skin. Some environments are better than others. There is more encouragement to succeed in some places than others. Without the help of others in better environments (that are prospering) the odds may be so impossible that you will not even be able to turn stumbling blocks in to stepping stones to succeed. This is something that even those of us who live in healthy environments should remember.”
8. I have to get back to work to avoid getting busted over-doing my break, but the Word Press clock is off and it says it’s 11:27 p.m. Which means that by the time this is posted it will say it’s July 2, which is NOT my birthday. Maybe I can fix that. Okay, yeah, I fixed it.
9. Even if I had gotten my dream guitar as a present today, it would have paled in comparison to my wife’s email. And I honestly mean that, which means I’m really maturing. Uh-oh.
10. I’ve come to think that a good AM signal is a lot better quality than most FM signals. But I’m not a big radio-listener, so I could be wrong.
11. Tonight I will watch The Prestige for like the 4th time. I like Jackman. I really like Bale. But I loooove me some Bowie. Too bad he didn’t do a soundtrack tie-in.
12. Speaking of old rockers, Rod Stewart’s old stuff is really good. He was very heavily influenced by country music, which I find interesting.
13. I still can’t quite figure out why Michael Jackson’s death shocked me so much. It’s almost as if I had never stopped to think that he WOULD die someday. On that note, how weird will it be when, say, Conan O’Brien dies? Let’s hope that’s long off.
14. I need to watch The Tonight Show more often. Support my Conan.
15. I just found out The Rock was directed by Michael Bay. I’ve never actually seen that movie, and now I never will.
16. I think I’d like to write a novelization of the story from Final Fantasy VI. I think it would be a great challenge and lots of fun. It’s such an incredible story.
17. I’m having spaghetti for my birthday dinner. I requested it.
18. It was very odd being in my in-laws’ home last week and remembering the different stages of my life (and states of mind) which that home has seen.
19. Fun Story: An old boss of mine had once ordered lots of pretty nice wine for a manager’s retreat that ended up getting canceled. All the wine was delivered to our office so she had me and a co-worker take it down to her van. As the two of us carried the last of like 12 boxes of those bottles, she grabbed two from one remaining box and put one on each of our desks as a “thank  you.” Not being one who ever really purchased wine on my own, I decided to save the bottle for a then-unknown special occasion with a then-unknown special someone. I thought it might be the night I would propose to whoever-it-may-be, but turns out that didn’t happen over a dinner. So instead, Dona and I had it with our first dinner in our home on our honeymoon. I’ve saved the bottle.
20. I told my wife about this as I’m writing it and she wants me to write “poop.”
21. I don’t want to promote poor financial choices, or shirking of academic  responsibility, but I don’t regret for a second buying my Fender Telecaster my last semester of college instead of several of my books, even if it did effect my grades.
22. There’s a stack of un-sent thank you cards on my desk. I get the feeling that we’re not the only couple who has done this.
23. I accidentally published this blog before I completed it. Good thing they’re easy to edit.
24. Most of the world misunderstands what Christianity says and is about. More people would be willing to listen if they knew that. But the irony is that those who spend all their time trying to make sure the masses “get it,” even though they don’t believe it, are wasting their time. Those that come to Christ are called by Him, not convinced by argument and exposition.
25. Turns out I don’t like white wine with spaghetti.
26. I have a copy of Boston’s self-titled debut album on vinyl, and the case is in sorry shape. There’s not even a protective sleeve. I got it for like $0.50 at Goodwill a couple years ago. Yet despite all that, it is easily my favorite record that I own.
27. Figuring out and then playing video game music on guitar is not only a delightful and nerdy way to spend your spare time, it’s also great training for the ear and fingers.
28. If anyone wants tabs to the Top Man song from Mega Man 3, ask. I can write some up.
29. Holy crap I’ll be 30 in less than a year.


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