Almost there . . .

My wife and I will have internet in our home come the beginning of November, at which time I will be able to spend time sitting in front of the computer and really think through things to write, instead of trying to rush junk that I eventually delete on my lunch breaks. I feel like I’m Nintendo with the new Zelda game and I keep pushing back the release date. Except less people care.

Speaking of pushing back release dates, there’s this game called Little Big Planet that’s getting tons of hype right now, and it was supposed to come out this week, I think. But apparently one of the songs in the game has two lines from the Q’uaran in it, and there are Muslim groups losing their heads over this because it’s apparently sac religious to put the Q’uaran to music, let alone translate it. So the publisher has pushed back the release date, despite the fact that stores all over the nation, nay, the world, have boxes of this game ready to go in their storerooms, so that they can remove a song with 2 offensive lines in it. I don’t want to really climb all over that whole viewpoint of “our society today will do anything to appease other religions but tell Christians to ‘get over it,'” but I am still curious as to what would have happened if the song had been offensive to Christians in some way and they had protested. But then, if that happened, my view would be to tell the Christians to “get over it.” Part of being a Christian is knowing what sets you apart from other religions and not playing those silly “I demand respect” games that so many other people play.

Anyway . . . I should be working.


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