Three or four is good enough for me.

I saw an article on Yahoo yesterday that talked about the Duggar family in Alabama, which has 17 children and the 18th one on the way. I read the article, rolled my eyes, thought about how I have wanted a big family someday, but by “big” I meant like 4 kids . . . and then something almost set me off. The story was rated by readers as 2 out of 5 stars. “Oh, no! Say it isn’t so!” Well, to understand why I had to quickly grab my composure again so as not to venture down a path of irreparable furry for the whole day, you have to understand all the things I’ve seen, heard, and discussed over the last couple of years relating to large families.

I think it was the Duggar family in the summer of 2004 when they had their 15th kid, and I heard the mom and dad being talked to on the radio. Well, some lady called in and was calling them horrible human beings. Why? Because they have so many kids. Because they’re adding to the population and therefore causing more pollution and using more resources and (she didn’t really say this) making more Republicans. Man, that lady made me mad, especially when she said that she had two children, “To replace my husband and I.”

It was probably, again, when the Duggars had #17 that it was in the news (as it clearly always is – develop some modesty, people, please!), that a co-worker of mine went off about how horrible it was that they could get away with that. She cited a bunch of reasons similar to the lady I just mentioned, but then went on about how everyone needs to adopt and stop pro-creating for like 40 years. Some of you have heard me rant about this co-worker before, so know that she’s a quack, but she’s not alone.

I enjoy web comics, usually ones that reference old video games and comics. I found one that I liked for a bit until I saw a strip that showed one of the two main characters walking by an SUV with one of those “Our Family” decals on the back window. You know the ones: with the stick figures of mom and dad and all the kids and the dog and cat? Well, the family depicted in this comic apparently had 4 or 5 children. The main character wrote a note on the SUV and walked away satisfied. The note read “This should help” and had a condom taped to it.

I get so furious about that stuff that I sometimes wonder if I over react a bit. Yes, I said “sometimes wonder.” In this age of “live and let live” social theories, the taboo-ing of believing in universal truths, and supporting just about any sexual lifestyle imaginable, we have people who are viciously against two people wanting to have tons of kids. I think the Duggars are nuts, but I wouldn’t ever think that their decision to do this was wrong, especially since they are all from the same two parents and every kid is in a loving home and well cared for. The people against this sort of thing almost always admit happily that the genuine reason is because of how (they think) it affects their lives. This further supports my view that Liberal vs. Conservative is a bunch of crap and they’re (we’re) all the same because it’s not about the issues; it’s about our approaches to those issues and where are hearts are. Maybe I’ll write a book about that someday.

There are couple of other smaller things that bug me in regards to things said or assumed when it comes to the Duggar family. The first is how so many people hear that they’re from Alabama and think, “oh, well that makes sense.” Why? That could actually open up a whole other discussion on how the East and West Coasts wrongly dismiss the South and Midwest as worthless and dumb.

The other thing that gets me is really just a fallacy in logic, and I noticed that I was guilty of this a couple postings ago. When a couple has several children, or has a few really close in age, people tend to make comments about the “active” sex life that couple has. Really? Do you honestly think that this man and woman have sex any less or any more than any other healthy married couple does? A child doesn’t mean that they had sex. A child means that it worked.

Ugh. Anyway, I need to go so I don’t get fired. One last thing – to the Duggars: Keep having kids so you keep annoying these annoying people! Thanks.


2 responses to “Three or four is good enough for me.

  1. Okay, first off, Amen! We share the same views of “what they do is their own business.” I mean really, if they can afford to build that huge house (compound!) with their gazillion washing machines, then they can afford to bring these children into the world. Mom and kids make the clothing, Mom shops conservatively at Aldi’s, Mom homeschools, kids are wonderfully well-behaved from what I’ve seen, etc. I don’t think the Duggar’s are doing a thing wrong. I don’t see them collecting food stamps. I didn’t see them asking the Discovery Channel to come into their home for a paycheck to help with the children’s upbringing. DC sought them out, and that was only after kid 14 or 15! If they have the money, the means, and the LOVE, then more power to them. Obvioulsy these people love family.

    Honestly, I’m just amazed by the woman’s uterus of steel…..and whatever amazing insurance plan they must have 😉

    Oh, and I come from a family of six. Before I even read your next to last paragraph about the sex comments, I was going to comment the exact same thing. I always got the, “Wow, your parents sure were busy!” Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, hardy-har. Yeah, people, because that was six whole times they had sex. WOW! I think some couples could handle that in two days.

    And, GASP, though we didn’t have everything, we had enough and all without food stamps. Who woulda thunk it.


    For anyone that may be living under a rock and not know who you are talking about.

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