Ten years and counting.

More and more things keep coming to me for my 10 year high school reunion. It’s not officially planned yet; they’re still trying to get the date set, but a website has been put up where each person can go create a little profile, write about what they’ve done over the last 10 years, name their spouse/partner and children, and post some pictures.

It’s almost like everyone inflated. But talking about how your former classmates got fat in 10 years is a tad cliche. I’ve gained a few pounds, myself. I was no more than 130 lbs. when I graduated, maybe as low as 120; now I weigh about 176, and that’s after losing nearly 10 lbs.

So let’s skip the weight thing and move on to some other peculiar observations that I have about this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Some of those girls married / are dating some geezers. My goodness. That guy looks my dad’s age, <name removed for confidentiality>! And <name removed for confidentiality>! Holy Cow! Got a thing for the Class of 1974? Well, hope they’re happy.

Life changes quick. I remember working at Kohl’s in late 2000, and <name removed for confidentiality> walked in to say hi. She and I knew each other in high school, I remember having a crush on her at one point, but “school mates” is really the only relationship we could claim. Well, she had apparently just been to my parents’ house looking for me, and my mother directed her to Kohl’s. I took a break and stood outside with her and had a cigarette and talked. It was strange because, as I said before, we weren’t exactly close friends in high school, and we hadn’t seen each other since graduation. She proceeded to confess all kinds of stuff to me, such as her cocaine addiction, how she’d just ended a relationship she was having with a married man, etc. Well, now I see that she’s been married since 2002 and has two kids. Maybe I was the “confession booth” for her to begin anew?

These people are rabbits. Okay, fine, maybe that’s an insensitive statement as many of these bundles of joy who are already over the age of 6 were most likely not planned, but more than a handful have 3 kids already! We’re 27 and 28, folks! 30 is the new 20 my rear.

Springfieldians are like yo-yos. Even those who got out went back. Of the 50-some people who have created profiles (out of 250+ in the class), 30 of them live in or around Springfield, Illinois. Maybe they have stronger family ties to that town than I do; who knows?

I may have changed a lot physically, but I don’t get the top prize. Randy Newtson. You win, my friend. When I saw your photo, I wondered why you would put up a photo of your 55-year-old uncle, but then I realized it’s just you. You probably also win the prize for going from full head of hair to completely bald the fastest. I have friends my age who are balding, but you got that done quick! Good work!

People die. Aw. The sad one for next-to-last. I met Lindsay Logsdon my first day of 5th grade, and she and I never got along until late high school, at which point we just mutually ignored each other. In college I became close friends with one Clint “Skippy” Davis, who turned out to be Lindsay’s cousin. I’d see her on occasion at Davis family events such as Skip’s sister’s high school graduation, and we’d reminice about Mr. Clark, our 5th grade teacher, and so on. By 2000 she had a son and was engaged, but in December 2000, Skip informed me that she had run off a road in her car and hit a telephone pole, killing her instantly. It’s really a strange thought that she’s gone. However the sobering one was when I went to the “In Memoriam” section of this Reunion web page and saw Chad Anderson’s name. I’m still in disbelief. I had countless art classes with him from 7th grade all the way up to the end of senior year. He hung around with the rockers and the druggies, but he was still really cool and kind of popular, and was really nice to those of us who didn’t fair so well in the social arenas. He always cracked me up, too. And apparently he died from causes of which I am not aware on July 27, 2001 in western South Dakota, where he had been living. How crazy is it that he didn’t even see 9-11?

I ain’t giving these people nothing. Don’t get me wrong; I have no intention of being rude or mean. But I have not been in regular contact with anyone from this group of people since graduation. I got that diploma and I found a new circle of friends, and have had several different circles since. I’d see some of them from time to time, but never to the point that we buddied up. I will find it hard to believe that I would be in the top 10 of very many “Where are they now?” lists, since I was just that weird guy who wore ties to school every day our senior year. And I don’t really care all that much. It’s all behind me and God has put me elsewhere. So . . . my profile is as follows:
Current location: Seattle, WA
Spouse/Partner: As if.
Occupation: Desk Jockey
Comments: I invented PostIt Notes

and then the following picture:

With this caption:

“I’m the one on the left . . . no, the right. . . . no . . .”

Man, I’m funny. Thanks for the idea, Brandon.


2 responses to “Ten years and counting.

  1. Rebecca VanderKloot

    After searching google to see if I could find out any more about Chad’s death I came across your blog.

    All I have to say is WAHOO. I feel very similar to how you do and could not believe how many people are married, have a gaggle of kids and live in Springfield. OY..not to be judgmental or anything but not the life for me..at least not at 28.

    Glad to know I am not the only one who got out!

    Hope you are well.

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