I guess you need to stand for something.

Animal rights activism is silly to me. Not because it’s a bad thing to protect animals, but because those extremists are glowing pillars of what it means to have your passions confused and unguided.

What brought this to my head was a Wikipedia article I stumbled across about some female shock rocker from the 80’s who died before 1990. She was apparently known for near-pornographic performances, violence against men, heavy drug use, self mutilation, and passionate animal rights activism and veganism. I mean, seriously? How much of your life is spent destroying things? Has anyone noticed the contradiction here?

And what about that lady who protests the circus by sitting naked in a cage? Lady, you clearly don’t know how to protest. See all those men? They couldn’t care less about those tigers; they just want to see some boobs.

I once read an interview with an activist for PETA. She was asked if she thought that it was wrong to force her views as an animal rights activist down the throats of those who were not as passionate or who didn’t see things the same way, and she said, “No. Was it wrong for African Americans to stand down white racists in the 1960’s?” Wow. What another great example of the point not being the way you fight, but what you’re fighting for, lady.

Well, my break’s over and I don’t want to get fired. Maybe I’ll expand a little more on this when I have more time.


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