Hopefully this can hold you over.

In light of getting two – count them: TWO! – requests to post something new on my blog, I’m whipping up something quick and scatter-brained here so I can spend time brainstorming on bigger ideas.

My now ex-roommate Ben got married this last weekend, and his ear-to-ear grin was even bigger, it seemed, that whole day. I looked darn good in my suit, by the way. Well, after the wedding I managed to find some friends to go see the movie Iron Man, which was fantastic. Seriously, it’s one of the best superhero movies out there. I would rank it in the top 5:

1. Batman Begins
2. Spider-Man 2
3. X-Men 2
4. Unbreakable (it counts!)
5. Iron Man

Actually, I’m not sure how concrete that list is for me. Okay okay, we’re going to say that Batman Begins is no question my favorite, and Spidey 2 and Iron Man are currently tied for 2nd, and then those others fall in somewhere else.

As the credits were rolling Saturday night, I made the comment to my friends, “Boy, I’m glad I didn’t get married today! Because I totally wouldn’t have been able to see Iron Man!” And then one of my friends responded, “Yeah! You know what Ben’s doing right now? Not watching Iron Man!!!

That’s classic. Some of my favorite jokes are the “my friend just got married, let’s call and text him and tell him our plans for the evening and ask if he wants to come” type. I don’t think it will ever get old to me. Ben was smart because he waited to change his cell number until right before the wedding. Smart. That makes him a spoil sport, but it was smart.

I told some of these stories and jokes to some co-workers yesterday morning as we stood at the copier. I also mentioned that I like making those jokes, and one lady said, “Oh, haha. That’s funny, and you don’t get to do it too often. At least until they get divorced and you go to their next wedding.”

Excuse me? Bacon powder? That’s so rude. And I don’t care if it’s a comment based on statistics or made as a result of a still-bitter and cynical life because your three marriages failed and you’re only 40. I also am putting aside the fact that I know my friends well (and not just Ben and Teresa; all of my close friends), and I know that they take marriage and their mutual commitment seriously. It’s just an amazing lack of tact to make a “they’re going to get divorced” joke to me just 2 days after they got married. Remind me to not tell you about my engagement, wedding, or honeymoon if we’re still co-workers when it happens. Thankfully, based on statistics, we won’t be.


3 responses to “Hopefully this can hold you over.

  1. finally.

  2. Yay!!

    …and Unbreakable? Really?

    I wonder if M. Night has anything new in the works….off to IMDB.

  3. Yes, Unbreakable. It’s the black sheep of M. Night’s movies, I know, but when I watch it I am mesmerized by its depth, its beauty, and its passion; it is the kind of film that massages the soul.

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