Oh, here, let me fill you in . . .

When it comes to areas of sexuality, a serious, single Christian will do their best to avoid temptations “of the flesh” by averting their eyes, watching what they wear, skipping whole scenes on DVDs, avoiding conversations already in progress about racy topics, declining to participate in said conversations when invited, not hide porn in one’s bedroom, not turn on Cinemax late at night, not want to go to the restaurant that has the belly dancer, or decide against going when it’s found out there will be one, etc. etc.

I’ve noticed that sometimes non-Christians assume a certain thing about Christians when it comes to these issues, or at least I’ve noticed it in my experience. The non-Christian immediately concludes that I don’t understand what sex is, or that people have sex, or that it’s normal for a guy to be attracted to women. Let’s go through a few examples.

Braden says, “I do not wish to be informed about your sex-toy party.”
Person says, “Oh, Braden! You need to understand that sex isn’t a bad or evil thing! It’s a good thing!”

Braden says, “You have just told me that you are a Christian who has no qualms about having sex outside of a marriage. I do not agree with you that it is okay and I do not do the same thing.”
Person says, “You know, sex is what people do. People have sex.”

Braden says, “I move my instant messenger window lower on my screen / I don’t visit that website / I got rid of my Myspace account because of the types of ads they have.”
Person says, “Why? It’s perfectly normal for you to find that attractive.”

Braden says, “I desire that the woman over yonder was not wearing such revealing clothing.”
Person says, “Oh, jeez. There’s nothing wrong with her having an attractive body.”

Braden says, “I do not have a secret porn stash.”
Person says, “Dude, sex is a very natural thing.”

Sigh. The part about it that gets to me is that it’s counter-productive to try to retort and make them understand that they misunderstand why I have the position that I do. Oh, well.


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