I’m a helper.

I just wanted to report to all those scoffers out there who made sure to let me know that they gagged when they read about my “Salivary Gland Stones,” as Paula informed me they are called, that no blog I’ve written gets more hits than that one. It’s a good thing I wrote it, too. These people probably don’t know what’s going on with that stinging in their mouths, and could be on the verge of actually seeing a doctor (No! Say it isn’t so!). Well, after reading my little story and comparing symptoms, hopefully they’ll learn how to alleviate the pain until the whole stone exits their system, and never have to talk to a white-coat crook who’ll happily take their money to tell them there’s nothing that can be done.


One response to “I’m a helper.

  1. So… what do you mean by most hits? I want evidence. Numbers. What do your stats look like? Let’s compare!

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