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Around the same time everyone else at Blue Sky was, I did the whole My Quizzes Application thing on Facebook. It’s fun, but it bugs me a little because it won’t give the quiz-taker the answers after they’re done; it just tells them if they were right or wrong. That may be good to help prevent cheating, if it mattered, but maybe there are those of us who want people to know the answers after they’re done. Like my first one, “Braden knows this stuff.” It’s quite possibly one of the world’s most random and obscure trivia quizzes. I’m very proud of it, since the title is exactly true: every single question I pulled out of the vast libraries of useless knowledge in my brain. I did not research a single question or verify a single answer, because I knew I was right. But it’s been more than three months since I made it, so I’m going to go through the quiz, giving the answers away and the fun trivia explanations along with them. Enjoy.

(Q) What color was Yoda in the novelization of The Empire Strikes Back?

(A) Blue. Don’t ask me why, but he was. In the novelization of Star Wars, the X-Wing color was blue instead of red, and George Lucas wanted them to be blue in the first place, but they had to change the color because of the special effects utilizing blue screen. But Yoda . . . I have no idea why the author for the novelizationParty on. changed his color to blue.

(Q) How many cities are you intense in if you’re live at the Buddakai?

(A) Ten. If you haven’t seen Wayne’s World in the last two years, watch it. It’s more than just out-dated 90’s catch phrases. Trust me.

(Q) What was Doc Brown’s animal sidekick in the original draft of Back to the Future?

(A) A chimp. And the time machine was an old refrigerator. Thank the Lord for rewrites.

(Q) Who was originally contracted to play Two Face in Batman Forever?

(A) Billy Dee Williams. That’s right, Lando Calrissian. You may recall he played Harvey Dent in the original 1989 Batman, directed by Tim Burton. Harvey Dent is the-man-who-will-become-Two-Face in Batman mythology. Williams had a pay-or-play contract for the role of Two Face when the movie franchise got to the character, which means he either gets the part or they pay him to not do the role. When production began on Forever, the director changed from Burton to the notorious Joel Schumaker, and Schumaker wanted Tommy Lee Jones to do the part instead, so they payed out Williams’ contract and proceeded to allow Jones’ awful portrayal of an iconic comic book villian. Let’s hope Aaron Eckhardt does it right in the current franchise.

(Q) Which Legend of Zelda title does Nintendo officially consider to chronologically be the first in the series?

(A) None of the above. There’s a lot of speculation, and if you go to and watch the last video in their “The Legend of Zelda Retrospective,” they make a really good case for it to be Minish Cap. But Nintendo has never officially released a time line for the franchise, and have only hinted that there actually is one. Some people speculate that there is no time line and that each game is a re-telling of the Link and Zelda story. But that’s just silly.

(Q) Which of the following is one of the two primary flavors in all colas?

(A) Cinnamon. The two flavors in all colas are vanilla and cinnamon. Each manufacturer adds in their own extras, like nutmeg, or citrus, but all of them use vanilla and cinnamon. And kola nut does not add to the flavor, even though that’s what the drink is named after.

(Q) What actor was Steven Spielberg’s first choice to play Indiana Jones?The first pick.

(A) Harrison Ford. I love this question, because it’s so deceptively tricky. People who know a little bit about I think we were trivia will almost always go for Tom Seleck, because he was the first actor cast as Indiana Jones, but he had to back out of the contract due to obligations with his new TV show, Magnum P.I., after which Harrison Ford was given the part, much to the applause of movie lovers and Tom Seleck scoffers everywhere. But the hidden fact is that Spielberg wanted Harrison to do the part right off the bat, but George Lucas refused because he had already been in three of his four movies at that point, and he didn’t want Ford to “become (his) Bobby DeNiro,” referring to how Robert DeNiro was in so many of Martin Scorsese’s films. It wasn’t until Seleck backed out and they were days away from shooting that Lucas caved.

(Q) Why was the seemingly endless video game series Final Fantasy named “final?”Where it started

(A) The first Final Fantasy was expected to be Square’s last game. The designer of the game was preparing himself for the inevitable fall of his company who had a long list of failing games, and had only one mild hit on the NES called 3-D World Runner, so he scraped together enough money to make one more. Since he was convinced he would never make another game, he appropriately-yet-ironically named it Final Fantasy. It ended up becoming a huge hit, and turned into a huge, endless franchise. That story makes me happy for lots of reasons.

(Q) Which of the following was not one of the three versions of Voltron?

(A) Dinosaur Voltron. I figured “Dinosaur” was a good fake version of the giant robot because the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers blatantly ripped off the idea from the early 80’s anime series, and their robots were dinosaurs. Those of us who remember Voltron were all a little annoyed at the appearance of that after-school piece of trash. I have the first Voltron DVD collection at my house. My brother got it for me for Christmas. It was an awesome gift, but I’ve found out that the cartoon didn’t age very well, yet it’s still better than the Power Rangers.

(Q) For what unique feature were Kramer guitars originally known?

(A) Aluminum necks. Thanks, Wikipedia. I learn so many random things on that site. If you’re not worried about the aluminum neck thing and more stuck on, “I’ve never heard of Kramer guitars,” then you need to brush up on your hair metal.

Well . . . that’s the first 10. I have another 11 to go, but I’ll put those in my next blog in the interest of keeping the lengths manageable.


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