The Jeopardy Story

I enjoyed writing out that last story so much, that I think I will tell a few more. I think Braden vs. Jeff the Car Salesman is among the longest, thank goodness, so these other ones won’t take as long to read. Or write. Oh, one last note about my last blog: there was an important part of the story that I left out, and have put back in. It didn’t change the outcome, but was among the most amazingly high-pressure moments of the whole ordeal. Check it. Okay, moving on. Here’s one that’s a bit old, but the first time I told it oh-so-many-years ago, it was the first time I realized I enjoyed telling stories.

I’m willing to bet that it was the summer of 1992. It could have possibly been 1993, but it was definitely one or the other. I went to visit my grandparents in the Northwest part of Missouri, where my mother is from. One particular day, my brothers, my Grandpa, and my uncle David were out doing something somewhere. I stayed in the house and watched TV. I think the time was 4:30, and Jeopardy came on. I watched it. This was long before I was the trivia master that I am today, but it very well could have been the start. Well, around 5:00 the guys got back from wherever they were, and they joined me in front of the idiot box. So there we are in this small living room, with Gavin, Nathan, David, Poppy, Ma, and myself watching TV when, on a different channel, the exact same episode of Jeopardy I had just watched came on. And I remembered lots of the answers. So I answered them.

The first answer I called out, David was skeptical, “Are you sure about that?” But then the contestant gave the answer, and lo and behold I was right. David was impressed.

Another question was asked. None of the contestants knew it. Beep beep beep went the time-out sound. But I’d already said the answer. And I was right again. Now Poppy and Ma were impressed, too.

Of course I couldn’t remember all of them, so some I would get wrong, some I’d have to think about, and some I just plain didn’t remember. This imperfection added to the wonderful illusion that I was spontaneously creating.

Double Jeopardy started. David and Poppy started to try to answer. If they got it right, I’d confirm before Alex did. If they were wrong, I’d correct them. I’m sure Ma was about to faint over her genius grandson, and Gavin and Nathan no doubt felt very inadequate and sub-par.

I don’t think it was until when I answered Final Jeopardy in two seconds that the light went off in David’s head, “hang on, this is on earlier on a different channel!” Oh, well, I had my fun. Though I would have liked to have kept that up during every Jeopardy viewing for the rest of the week.


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