Report this.

I just saw a headline on Yahoo that read, “Bush defiantly defends war in Iraq.” What? “Defiantly”? Does that word sound a bit leading to anyone else? What images does that put in your head? Does it lead you to or continue to support an opinion on the President? I didn’t read the article. I don’t want to. But that is supposed to be news, not an editorial. I wish I could pull out references to all the times I’ve read some article somewhere that was clearly assuming that all of its readers was of a certain point of view. My coworkers just scoffed at me when I expressed my frustration with the bias in American media, be it liberal or conservative. Can you honestly be so clueless when you hear the news reported on dividing issues and think that those reporters are not taking sides? Just read some headlines! I have a friend who was really upset a couple of months ago because of an article about Ron Paul. Apparently some papers surfaced that had a lot of homophobic rhetoric in them, and someone tried to say that Paul was the author. Of course Paul denied this, but there was an article (on that was headlined something like, “Ron Paul Associated with Homophobic Letter.” And apparently they did not even mention his very quick denial of any association with that letter until the last paragraph of the article. Trust me when I tell you that reporters know the statistics that say that most people won’t read a whole article. They’re taught to put the most important stuff first for that very reason.

Ugh. My goat is boiled.


One response to “Report this.

  1. Actually, the headline read “Ron Paul ’90s newsletters rant against blacks, gays.” Doesn’t leave much chance that he didn’t have anything to do with them. Journalism in the U.S. stinks and the internet has only made it worse.

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