Don’t let that smile fool you.

I finally was able to watch the movie American Gangster last night, staring Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington. What a great flick. Crowe is cool and all, and I’ve never been disappointed with a performance of his in a movie, but I’ve never been especially blown away, either. I guess that’s fine. Denzel, however, that dude is awesome. I especially love the movies in which he’s some form of a bad-ass. I’ve never had a chance to make it all the way through Training Day, but I know that’s one of his b.a. movies, and he scared the heck out of me with what I have seen of it. Then there’s Man on Fire, in which he plays a mentally troubled body guard, hired to protect an 8-year-old girl who wins his heart, and then she’s kidnapped, and instead of heeding the ransom demands he goes on a killing rampage and brutally takes out everyone who was involved. He puts a bomb in a guy’s butt and lets him blow up! How awesome is that? Denzel’s a bad-ass in American Gangster, too. He puts a bullet through a guy’s head right in the middle of a crowded street, with everyone watching, then he walks away, sits back down in a diner with his brothers and has lunch. The movie opens with him setting a guy on fire and then shooting him like ten times. But Denzel! You have such a charming smile! I do not understand how such violence can come from such clean teeth, but for the sake of my entertainment I’m glad it does. I might go on a Denzel The Bad Ass movie rampage soon.


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