I don’t buy it.

I’m putting something out there about myself so that I can at least say that it’s possible to know this about me without me having to tell you in person. I think a lot. Too much, some would say, though I do not say that. I take very little at face value, especially when someone is expressing an opinion as if it were fact. Maybe it’s my God-given nature. Maybe it’s the fact that I was raised in a family that held more traditional and conservative values among a culture that is leaning more to the left every passing day, so I refuse to assume that either approach is correct right off the bat. So I think about a lot of things. My life right now, with my 90+ minutes of driving time per day and monotonous job, gives me time to do so. Often, I will approach things from an angle that does not automatically assume that a point of view is correct, find flaws in the logic, then speak on the flaws in the logic, but not have it thought all the way through before I speak, therefore leaving me either easy to refute or sounding like someone who just wants to disagree with something. Usually both. There are two solutions to this: never speak until I have a conclusion worked out, or learn to accept being wrong. I choose the latter, because I often process externally. I often have to hear myself say something to someone before I realize that I’ve been running down the wrong trail. I think maybe there are a lot more people out there to whom this happens, but our society is very proud and doesn’t like to admit that it’s ever wrong, so we don’t see it as much. We just see lots of people arguing stupid points of view that don’t make any sense and no one’s budging in the discussions. Let me also add (and I’ll conclude with this) that being someone who is willing to admit they’re wrong in our society may be something that is applauded in theory, but in practice the ego of the person who is right is more likely to think higher of themselves as opposed to learn a lesson from the person who backed down.


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